COFIMORE is a private, non-listed financial services firm with a pan-European scope. It acts as investor or advisor, or both at the same time.

As advisor COFIMORE raises equity for its targets and as early stage investor takes direct “Seed” and “Round A” equity participations in ventures with high potential in the Luxury, Fashion Tech and Food & Beverages (Champagne and FMCG) sectors, mainly, but not exclusively, in France, France being one of the leaders in this industry continuously attracting many national and international creative minds.

COFIMORE offers to international qualified investors the opportunity to co-invest alongside in its targets to provide further equity for the “next-stage” development of the investments.

Once vested, COFIMORE’s acts as hands-on advisor to the management to secure the development of the venture and safeguards a timely exchange of information about the progress of the investment.

COFIMORE was established in 1970 as a Belgian real estate development company (“COFIMO”), acquired in 2002 and recapitalized by the present owner and Director.