COFIMORE believes in the continuous growth potential of France

France is the second largest economy in Europe, and has many ventures and innovative entrepreneurs who create value for private shareholders. Due to cultural barriers these ventures often have no access to the international capital markets for funding their development and international expansion. And on the opposite side, only few foreign private investors understand the particularities of the French business mentality to be successful.

COFIMORE's management has the cultural background, the professional skill set and the experience to pick potentially successful French ventures and guide foreign investors through the intricacies of the investment process in France.


France is still the world leader of the sector. The industry is core to the economy and defends its position with success. Champagne, wine and spirits as well as fragrance and luxury apparel and accessories are the country's second and third largest export sectors behind Aerospace. Know-how, fashionable creativity and high-quality manufacturing are deeply rooted in the country’s tradition. They cannot be relocated without losing the "French mystik".

The French Luxury sector continues to attract exceptional new talents. With a rigorously modern mind set and an "outside-the-box" thinking, these talents create innovative, "zeitgeisty" solutions.They continuously push the industry's traditional codes forward by adapting traditional products to a contemporary demand, yet guarding the "exclusivité" of the French origin and securing the industry's competitive edge.

French start-ups in the Luxury sector aiming for scalability must orientate themselves globally.They need access to international finance sources and partners with an international scope to grow.COFIMORE has both.

Non-French private investors seldom have access to Start-ups from the Luxury sector because of the scarcity and because of the cultural gaps. But COFIMORE finds them.

Aren't most French Luxury groups owned by large foreign private equity investors and holdings?


France still owns one of the strongest franchises in the PREMIUM Food and Beverage sector worldwide. Starting with Champagne, Bordeaux and Burgundy wines which are still the benchmark products within the wine industry due their uniqueness, traditional know-how and exceptional quality generating high margins.

The same applies to French cuisine and patisserie where exported products "Made in France" often command premium prices.

Run by smart, forward looking entrepreneurs, French Start-ups from within the sector are an attractive investment opportunity also for foreign investors. Because of its knowledge of the sector, COFIMORE finds them.

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